Now ads will run after 10,000 views on YouTube channels

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youtube earning
youtube earning

Now ads will run after 10,000 views on YouTube channels. This step has been taken to correct the copyrighted content of users.

Now hard to earn money from YouTube. YouTube has provided this information through a new announcement of its own. Facebook announced in its announcement that YouTube ads will not broadcast on YouTube channels which have less than 10,000 live-time views.

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YouTube has made this announcement to prevent the misuse of copyrighted content. Actually, people open channels on YouTube and place copyrighted and objectionable content on them. YouTube has taken this step to stop this.

YouTube’s Vice President said that nowadays more people earn their livelihood by opening a YouTube channel. Now there is a lot of copyright violation on the channels. That’s why we are taking this step.

YouTube channel creator will have to go through an activity review after 10,000 lifetime views now to join the YouTube Partner Program. After that, when the process is completed then the YouTube will serve ads on the creator’s channel.

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