Jony Ive talks about the development of the iPhone X and Steve Jobs

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Jony Ive Working with Steve Jobs

At this year’s Tech Fest in New York, the magazine New Yorker has teamed up with Jony Ive and talked about his creative work, while also devoting himself to working together with Steve Jobs.

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The long way the iPhone X

It’s been a long time since Jony Ive had an interview. Public appearances are even rarer. It is all the more pleasing that Ive devoted himself to the questions in detail and thus gives a good insight into his work.

He explains, among other things, that the design of the iPhone X has been working for a total of five years. To start the development were not even the planned technologies of the iPhone X available. Thus, several prototypes, each reflecting the current state of the art, were designed.

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“There are certain ideas that we have, and we are waiting for the technology to catch up,” ”

With the certainty that the technical possibilities will be available when the iPhone X goes into the final phase, one developed the device further. This, of course, did not make the development easy. Because of the new technology, they were often confronted with problems that had never been faced before. Thus, new solutions had to be developed, which should be reused for future projects.

Working with Steve Jobs

In this interview Ive also devoted Steve Jobs. So Jobs had at that time taught him how to say “no” to something – how to put ideas that can not be implemented at a certain point in time. So you do not run the risk of getting lost in a performance. Jobs could focus as much on a task as I’ve not seen in any other person.

“I had the most wonderful teacher in Steve. And I have never – I have never met anybody with his focus. The art of focus – even if it ‘s something that you think. […] And it’ s at a real cost. And he was remarkable at that ”

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But it was not always easy for Ive to work with his teacher. Jobs could show a hard gait. But Jobs never really aroused him, so his harsh words were not as hard as the situations they were at that time.

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