Quora: Knowledge platform starts in German

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Quora adam d angelo

Questions and answers on all kinds of topics: this is offered by the US platform Quora. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is active there. Now there is a German language branch.

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The knowledge platform Quora is now also available in German. After a week-long beta phase, the German version has been freely accessible since Tuesday. Quora is based on the question-and-answer principle. Going beyond your own usage behavior and the ratings of other users, questions about specific topics and the answers to them are displayed. Logged-in users can write questions or answers themselves, or search the platform.

“Our focus is on quality,” said company manager Adam D’Angelo at the presentation of the German version on Tuesday in Berlin. In contrast to the Internet search engine, Google said: “Their mission is to organize the information of the world. Quora wants to bring more knowledge into the Internet. “Knowledge is linked to language, so the company has to grow here. “Over 200 million people in the world speak German. This is an important language for us. ”

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Great diversity of topics on Quora

The diversity of topics on Quora is colorful: nutrition, education, history, philosophy, everyday life and much more. One can ask what one wants, stressed D’Angelo. Quora then shows the questions to users the platform believes they have in the field of knowledge. For this, Quora analyzes, among other things, user interests as well as data such as the place of residence or a university degree in a specialist area. Answers to a question are sorted based on the quality of the authors as well as the user feedback.

The English-language version of the Californian company launched seven years ago, is now more than 200 million users per month. Even well-known politicians like the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are active on Quora.

Quora does not see Gutefrage.net as a competition

For the start in the German-speaking market, D’Angelo said: “You want to offer quality and gain confidence. He did not mention specific growth targets. Since last year there is Quora in Spanish, in the spring of 2017 French and Italian versions were added. The individual Quora platforms are not linked to one another. There are considerations for integrating them better for multilingual users.

With regard to other German-speaking question-response portals such as Gutefrage.net, Kerstin Ewelt, who oversees the German Quora platform, said that this was not a competition, both had their place in the market. “We have content with a lower level,” she said. Ewelt emphasized the Klansmen regulation, which quora stands out from others.


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