Galaxy S9 smartphones come with 256 GB to Germany

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One and a half months after the launch of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +, Samsung has announced the availability of more memory versions. In the future, buyers can get the smartphones with 256 instead of 64 GB of memory as before.

Galaxy S9 smartphones come with 256 GB to Germany

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Samsung has announced the availability of its recently introduced luxury-class smartphones Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + with 256 GB of memory. From April 23, 2018, the new models should be available in Germany.

So far, Samsung has offered in this country only the versions with 64 GB of memory. As with the previous models, users can also use a micro SD memory card for the 256 GB variants.

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In addition to more memory, there is a new color
In addition to the new storage variants, the color variant Titanium Gray also comes to Germany. The Galaxy S9 with simple main camera costs with 256 GB of memory 950 euros, the Galaxy S9 + with 256 GB of memory to come for 1,050 euros in the trade.

The variants with 64 GB of memory cost 850 and 950 Euro respectively. At the presentation of the devices, Samsung had initially communicated that the Galaxy S9 with more memory should not come to Germany.

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With the new Galaxy S9 models, Samsung has focused heavily on the cameras. The two devices are the first smartphone with variable aperture: Depending on the light intensity, the devices choose between two f-stops. This brings with night shots an exposure advantage, which is confirmed in comparison with competing devices.


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