Google starts developing messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

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Over time, technology has evolved and we no longer use SMS to use text messaging applications. Google, knowing the success of applications of this genre, has recently started to create a new text message service for the Android operating system.

Google starts developing messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

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The application named “Chat” will arrive until the end of the year and promises to hit head-on with the successful applications like WhatsApp. The chat will have as main objective to improve the experience of the Android users with text messages since the exchange of messages by the standard application of the current system still leaves much to be desired.

Chat will work inside Android Messages, sending the messages over the internet when the user is connected, but using the network of the operator in places without connection. However, the implementation of RCS in place of SMS depends on the telephone operators, and Google has already managed to partner with 55 operators.

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It will be something very different from what we have today when sending messages through Android. With Chat, the user can send multimedia content, create multi-member groups and exchange emojis, and receive read confirmation.

Google starts developing messaging app to compete with WhatsApp

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On the other hand, according to experts, the disadvantages are due to the lack of security offered by current applications such as WhatsApp, where messages are encrypted. The launch of Chat should happen before the end of 2018.

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