HP Introduces New PC as World’s Most Powerful Convertible

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Convertible computers are those that can fold in different formats, such as varying from a tablet to a laptop, for example, according to the user’s need. The HP has just announced some new features, and the one that stands out is the convertible classified by the company as the world’s most powerful, called HP ZBook Studio x360 G5.

HP Introduces New PC as World's Most Powerful Convertible

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Ideal as a working tool, it contains a powerful hinge between the screen and the keyboard that can rotate 360 degrees, making the use possibilities more flexible. In addition, the ZBook Studio x360 G5 takes the 4K laptop screen with brightness intensity of 600 NITS, contributing to the differentiation of an impressive total of 1 billion colors, regardless of the light conditions of the working environment.

The screen – which varies the brightness by means of a sensor, adjusting the brightness to the environment where it operates – has support for the use of the Wacom AES pen, with 4,096 levels of sensitivity to pressure and inclination. The canvas would also have the surface thought for an experience closer to drawing on paper.

It’s worth checking out more details and watching the product launch video, which shows its versatility of formats. Some examples are the laptop mode, its horizontal use in “table” format; or folded vertically, highlighting only the screen, an ideal position for presentation of a project, for example.


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