Scientists use smartphone to diagnose heart disease

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We often see brands putting technology on smartphones that run away from their core functions. It’s been a while since the calling feature became the least attractive gadget, has not it?

Scientists use smartphone to diagnose heart disease

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And if you think that the handsets are only used for entertainment, you are very much mistaken. Since heart rate readers were coupled to cellphones, innovation popularized in the Galaxy S5, medicine has explored possibilities of use in medical environments.

Proof of this is a recent test, conducted by researchers at the University of Ottawa, Canada, who achieved more accurate results when they used the camera of a smartphone. While the standard tests reached 82% efficiency in the results, the cellular analysis obtained 84%.

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How was the test

For a medical team to remove an artery blockage, it is necessary to first test how the condition of this vein is. For this, a standard test, called Allen, is used, which consists of pressing a part of the arm until the hand turns white and, thus, discovering the state of the artery.

Scientists use smartphone to diagnose heart disease

The same procedure was performed, only using a camera from the cell phone – for the experiment was used the iPhone 4 – to photograph the finger and see the color variations. These photos were taken using the application developed for this purpose.

These findings will collaborate to make cardiac surgeries safer, by gathering more accurate data, by using technological resources rather than human analysis, which often has greater margins of error.

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This app is still a test and will be improved according to the findings, but indicates the potential contribution of the devices to the treatments. Smartphone engineers may not have imagined that their inventions would reach that level!


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