You can push the play: Apple Music reaches the mark of 40 million subscribers

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If you use streaming music platforms, you may have heard of Apple Music. Launched in 2015, the Apple platform came as a novelty, just to compete with other similar services – such as Spotify, Deezer and Google Play Music.

You can push the play: Apple Music reaches the mark of 40 million subscribers

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In Brazil, Apple Music had the monthly fee initially charged in dollars, the reason that may have been one of the causes of the Brazilian public’s withdrawal. However, last year Apple started to charge our currency and brought yet another differential: the student plan.

Of course, Spotify is an extremely popular service nowadays and already offers these features, but none of this has hampered the growth of Apple Music, as can be seen in the numbers that show the number of paying users.

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According to a tweet by Steven Huon, director of Apple content in France, the platform reached 40 million subscribers – with Spotify having 70 million subscribers. That’s a good sign for the company, as the number of paying Apple service users has reached a 5% growth rate per month, versus 2% for Spotify.

Similar to Spotify, you can also use the platform for free – but for a limited time. According to Eddy Cue, executive of the company, currently, there are 8 million users enjoying the free 3 months of Apple Music.

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Please note that in order to use Apple Music, you must pay your subscription after this period.


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