combat bomber for the environmental zone: Lamborghini Urus 650 PS SUV gets every badge

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For some, the Urus may be the most embarrassing Poser SUV in the world, for others the ultimate super sports utility vehicle. The new Lamborghini polarizes extremely. FOCUS Online drove him.

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The frame parameters are anything but promising: 5.10 meters is the Lamborghini Urus long. The measure is quite common for large SUVs, but can hardly be considered as a sports car typical. Equally unfavorable, the curb weight of 2.2 tonnes. That sounds like a big farewell to Lamborghini as a sports car manufacturer.

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305 km / h – and racetrack-capable

lamborghini, urus, sports, fact, lamborghini urus, suv world, sports car, world

But before the tears come to the fans of the brand, it’s time to take a deep breath – before the tears of joy flow. For what the name Lamborghini promises, the Urus also solves. To understand that, one should not just look at the pure numbers. The fact that he is the fastest SUV in the world at a top speed of 305 km / h may be a source of pride to the people of Italy . And probably also that with its power of 650 hp even the Bentley Bentayga with W12 engine in the shade. But much more important is how he drives under real conditions. At Lamborghini, that means: on the racetrack. Here, the Urus has a longitudinal and lateral dynamics to the day, which one would not have expected a 2.2-ton Brummer.

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Significantly contribute to the gigantic carbon ceramic brakes of the standard equipment. They decelerate the Lamborghini permanently, effortlessly and precisely before each corner, as if it had lost at least half a ton of weight on the way.

lamborghini, urus, sports, fact, lamborghini urus, suv world, sports car, world

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At some point, the weight presses on the front axle

Only when turning in, it is noticeable that 58 percent of the Urus mass presses on the front axle. The fact that he still gets around the corners so fast is based on a whole host of assistance and driving dynamics systems. Most of them are new to Lamborghini and once again realize that it also has significant advantages to be part of the Volkswagen Group . This applies, for example, to active torque vectoring, rear-wheel steering, air suspension and electromechanical roll stabilization.

lamborghini, urus, sports, fact, lamborghini urus, suv world, sports car, world

The necessary thrust – another novelty in Sant’Agata Bolognese – is a real turbo engine. Even purists have to cope with this today. The 4.0-liter V8 engine comes from the group, among other things, also fired Porsche and Bentley, and is still Lamborghini-like: With 650 hp and 850 Nm, it pushes into new performance spheres.

Above all, it roars so wonderfully that the acoustic claim is maintained. The high performance is the deciding factor, which is why the power to weight ratio of 3.38 kilograms per hp is by far the best value in this segment, despite the 2.2 t curb weight. So the Urus shoots then in 3.6 seconds to 100 – which from the inside nevertheless comparatively unspectacular acts. Here then makes the high seating position noticeable. Despite the excellent performance, she gives you the feeling, even blindfolded, of sitting in an SUV and not in a supercar.

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He can also off-road

lamborghini, urus, sports, fact, lamborghini urus, suv world, sports car, world

Of course, the Urus is also an SUV. This commitment was so important to the engineers that they actually taught the car off-road capabilities. It is less about the “I could if I wanted” feeling, but about a very relevant for Lamborghini customer behavior. “We know that in the Middle East owners of such vehicles are actually driving at high speed through deserts and dunes – regardless of the value of the vehicle,” explains Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Lamborghini: “Our claim to the off-road capabilities of the Urus were therefore not features such as the best axle articulation and the best ramp angle for heavy terrain. Our vehicle is just too low for that. ”

Rather, the focus was on fast on sand, gravel and ice on the road – what the Urus ultimately mastered precisely thanks to the same systems that bring him on the racetrack his advantage. Almost idiot-proof, he lets himself off-road into every curve. As long as the driver steers to where the Urus should go, he will probably arrive there as well. For this, the helmsman must choose only the so-called Tamburo the right driving mode. They are called full of national pride, for example Corsa (race), Sabbia (sand) or Neve (snow). Or you literally drive an ego trip: it can be defined from a total of 27 different setups and is also called ego.

Totally overloaded center console

Even if it does not need switches and buttons for much, the center console and instrument panel are completely overloaded. The eccentric design impedes intuitive operation – “main thing different” seemed to have been the motto when it came to transport the Audi- originated infotainment center into the Urus. As well integrated into the interior but the driver may feel.

lamborghini, urus, sports, fact, lamborghini urus, suv world, sports car, world

Despite the large overall dimensions, he feels in his place no infinite widths as in other SUVs. Without it being really tight, it is embedded in the interior like in a sports car. Even the rear passengers can sit properly, after all, the Urus is the first four-door of the brand. When boarding, it is important to take care of them, so as not to hit your head on the roof. In the interior itself then prevails space to 1.85 meters in size. Anyone who exchanges the standard three-seat rear seat for two electrically adjustable individual seats wins another few centimeters. But before this election are less hard-hearted Lamborghini fans. The pre-orders of the 204,000-euro Urus are already running magnificently. What Stefano Domenicali is most pleased about: “60 percent of all orders are not from Lamborghini drivers.”

Type Lamborghini Urus
engine V8 turbo gasoline engine, cylinder angle 90 degrees
Displacement (cm 3 ) 3996
Power in hp (KW) at rpm -1 650 (478) at 6000
Max. Torque (Nm) at Umin -1 850 Nm at 2250 rpm
speed (km / h)
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (sec.) 3.6
transmission 8-speed automatic transmission
drive Permanent all-wheel drive with torque vectoring
fuel places Super Plus
Consumption EU-third mix (l / 100 km) 12.3
CO 2 emissions (g / km) 279
Length (mm) 5112
width (mm) 2016
Height (mm) 1638
Weight, manufacturer’s
indication (kg)

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