Apple’s new shortcuts app: How to automate your iPhone

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With the Shortcuts app from Apple, iOS can be massively expanded. What the app can do and how to use it best.


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September was an important month for Apple. In addition to Apple Watches, the latest iPhone generation was in full view. While iPhone Xs and Xr have created a great deal of anticipation, September 18 was important for many existing iPhone and iPad owners. That day saw iOS 12, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Despite comparatively few changes this year, the update has brought a lot of joy. In addition to some fixes that eliminated some major operating system bugs, the stability and speed of older devices have improved noticeably.

Something went down in the release of iOS12 is the simultaneous launch of the Shortcuts app. The previously known under workflow application was bought just over a year ago by the Apple Group and should miss iOS in terms of automation and functionality a hefty boost.

Although Apple has highlighted its new shortcuts app at the former keynote at the WWDC, you could feel the application but so far not completely “normal” to ordinary consumers. Although the application may require some scripting skills for some functions, it may well be interesting and usable for ordinary users. Thanks to downloadable shortcuts, users save a lot of effort.

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