Asteroid Ryugu finally photographed in good quality

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The space probe “Hayabusa-2” sent to Earth the most clear and detailed photographs of the surface of the asteroid.

The news that robots jumpers landed on the asteroid Ryugu took the first photos of the surface of the cosmic body, spread around the world a few days ago. Due to sun glare, as well as the characteristics of the movement of robots, the photos were rather blurry, although quite dynamic. And finally, the most accurate photographs of Ryugu reached Earth – they were made by the Hayabusa-2 probe itself before resetting the robots.

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The pictures were taken with the help of two different side cameras from a height of 70 and 64 meters respectively. This is almost the maximum approximation: to reset the Hayabusa-2 robots, it went down only a few meters below, to a height of 55 meters above the asteroid. The photographs clearly show the surface dotted with stones of various sizes – from huge boulders to small stones. The photograph was taken from a higher point also caught the shadow of the probe itself – it can be seen just to the right of the center of the photo.



So far, the main conclusion that can be made from the images provided is that the surface layer of Ryugu consists of much larger stones than the Itokawa asteroid, which was the target of the Hayabusa-1 mission. The stones on Itokava were no more than a few centimeters in size. A more detailed study of the surface of Ryugu will provide research mini-robots Rover-1A and 1B, which were dropped on the asteroid on September 21.



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