Big change good for all Android users: In the future, their cell phone will be safe for two years

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android,manufacturers,google,security,updates,year,according,smartphoneThe Android operating system is installed on the majority of smartphones, but the frequency of security updates varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, especially on older models. This is also a problem for Android developer Google. Now, apparently, there are new rules: All manufacturers using Android need to ensure security updates for at least two years.

The website “The Verge” published the details of the current contracts that Google concludes with smartphone manufacturers. Anyone who wants to use the Android operating system on his devices, must therefore bring in the first year mandatory “at least four security updates”, even in the second year updates are required, but a number Google did not seem to find. The group releases improvements for Android each month – as conscientiously these are adopted by the many manufacturers of Android phones, but varies greatly.

Manufacturers should be held accountable

The agreements, according to “The Verge” come from the license agreements that Google concludes within the European Union. According to Google insiders, the rules do not look much different around the world. The group wants to plug security holes and manufacturers take the obligation. The implementation of the mandatory security updates every 90 days, therefore, by the middle of the year already covered 75 percent of manufacturers and should include by the end of January 2019 all Android business customers. However, only smartphone models with more than 100,000 users are affected.

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