Cooler Master introduces ControlPad! via Kickstarter

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Cooler Master, a world leader in innovative gaming peripherals and computer components , today announced the launch of ControlPad, the world’s first PC keyboard with analog Aimpad ™ technology for gamers, content creators , Musician and more was developed.

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controlpad,control,aimpad,inputs,cooler,applications,analog,make,black ops 4,black ops 4 ps4

” Designed from the ground up as a passion project, ControlPad aims to bring the way we interact with our most used programs and applications to a more intuitive level, ” says Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager.

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The ControlPad houses 24 mechanical keys that will be available in Cherry MX Red or Gateron Red. Fully programmable with easy-to-use software, it has a detachable palm rest for maximum comfort, two precision wheels, is fully backlit with RGB and is made from slim brushed aluminum. The ControlPad is equipped with Aimpad ™ technology, which offers the precision mechanical control of keyboards most commonly found in devices such as flight joysticks, steering wheels, and gaming controllers, providing analog control in digital inputs.

ControlPad for games

Aimpad ™ provides analog control of the digital inputs, allowing the user to more precisely control speed, movement, creep and roll. Use Aimpad ™ to make gentle turns while driving, or fly through sharp turns simply by changing the pressure on the button

controlpad,control,aimpad,inputs,cooler,applications,analog,make,black ops 4,black ops 4 ps4

ControPad for creative professionals

ControlPad can be used to make production and editing applications more intuitive and useful. Apply presets, change tools, adjust opacity, thickness, brush size during application, and more with only the pressure-sensitive inputs on your ControlPad.

Cooler Master implements macro presets and control schemes for several notable video games – and popular applications for home and professional use. These include actions, hotkeys, and shortcuts for the entire Adobe Suite, including PhotoShop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Final Cut, and more – with additional steps as needed. In addition, Cooler Master will also offer special keycap sets that match the presets.

Development will be finalized through a Kickstarter campaign to help the community complete the product as accurately as possible. The target group extension via Kickstarter is important to us, as it is a niche product that would make a single market launch significantly more difficult.

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