“Diablo 3: Eternal Collection”: Seasons also playable without online subscription

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If you want to face the hordes of hell together with online friends in “Diablo 3” on the Nintendo Switch, you have to pay: A subscription from Nintendo Switch Online is required to use the online multiplayer. However, this does not apply to the season mode, as Blizzard now confirmed to the concerned fans.

Since you can also compete with other players in the seasons of “Diablo 3”, many fans wondered if a paid subscription to Nintendo Switch Online would be necessary. But now Blizzard made clear in the official forum for the game: No, to participate in a season in “Diablo 3: Eternal Collection”, there are no additional costs. Only traditional online multiplayer games require a subscription.

Season mode works much the same as on PS4 & Xbox One

Thus, the seasons in “Diablo 3” on Nintendo Switch are as free as on PS4 and Xbox One. Also on the two consoles of Sony and Microsoft players have to pay monthly contributions if they want to participate in multiplayer games. Exceptions are here, as well as on the Switch, in most cases free-to-play games such as “Fortnite”.

“Diablo 3” players compete against each other in leaderboards

Seasonal mode in “Diablo 3” offers players the opportunity to level up a new hero at regular intervals and collect special rewards. These items are built into the game each season by the developers and add to the long-term fun of “Diablo 3”. Participants can compare their performance on different leaderboards with those of other players, but without playing directly against each other.

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