Google announced the early launch of registering sites in the new zone .page

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Google launched an early access program to register your site on the new top-level domain .page. The full launch will take place on October 9, 2018, but now the company offers for a fee to choose a name that has attracted so that someone else will not have time to take it.


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Target audience .page

Google calculates that personal sites (for example, Ellen.Page , ChristophNiemann.Page ), business pages ( CareerXO.Page , TurnThe.Page ), and thematic resources ( Web.Page , Home.Page ) will find a place in this zone .

Domain . The page uses the HSTS ( HTTP Strict Transport Security ) mechanism to establish a connection using the HTTPS protocol only. This protects all domain sites from malicious adware and tracking scripts.

In May 2018, Google launched registration in the zone. app for sites of applications and programs. It was the first public domain of the first level with a built-in mechanism for HTTPS connections.

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Source: блог Google Developers

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