Google Play Pass – Subscription model may be coming

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This may be great news if you happen to love to buy apps or games on your phone! This is because, apparently, Google is planning a subscriptions template for your Google Play store.


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Last June, one of the developers of the site XDA , found while exploring the code of the Play Store, a disabled feature ‘Play Pass’.


That said, when the programmer activated the functionality, nothing happened … But by decompiling the code, it came to the discovery of a kind of subscription model. However, since this type of ‘developing’ or ‘experimental’ features are found almost every day, so no one paid much attention at the time.

Interestingly, a few days ago, a friend of the programmer who investigated this code, found a pertinent question. (After using the Google Opinion Rewards app .)

  • “Imagine your app store starting to offer a subscription, where you can get access to hundreds of apps and paid games for only one monthly fee.”

In the background, it’s a fairly simple description, which allows us to get an idea of the service in question!

And as the XDA Developers site mentions, when using Google Opinion Rewards, to ask something like this, it means that Google is really thinking about an implementation.

After all, in March 2016, a question was raised about tasty foods starting with the letter ‘N’ … Soon after, the Android 7.0 ‘Nougat’ was released.

In short, there is still no guarantee that this functionality will even come out to the public … But there is some evidence that is quite possible, or even probable. Basically, Google will be just one more, on a very long list, of companies that have adopted a subscription model to access their products.

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