Japan: Touhou Soujinengi V lands on Nintendo Switch eShop on July 26th

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The Touhou Project RPG Touhou Soujinengi V will be released on July 26th in the Japanese eShop for Nintendo Switch. This was announced by the development studio Strawberry Bose. The game was released in 2016 for PlayStation Vita and received a new edition for PlayStation 4 last March. The switch version is said to be the same content as the PlayStation 4 version.


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In Touhou Soujinengi V players will form a group of different characters to master a newly-emerged disaster in Gensokyo. As you travel to various places in Gensokyo, you face various fearsome opponents. Not only is it important to increase your level to improve your characters ‘abilities, but understanding and exploiting your opponents’ weaknesses and behaviors also plays a central role in combat. Below you can take a look at a trailer for the PlayStation Vita version.

An announcement for the West does not exist so far. With Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded , however, another game from the Touhou Project will be released this Friday, also here in Europe.

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