SpaceX is scheduled to fly NASA astronauts to the ISS in June 2019

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Several times the date has been postponed, now NASA wants to carry astronauts into space in June with a “Dragon” rocket from SpaceX. Why is that so important.

The US space agency Nasa wants in June for the first time astronauts with a missile of the private company SpaceX brought into space. Two astronauts took part in the mission to the International Space Station ISS, Nasa announced. SpaceX has already several times its space capsule “Dragon” sent to the ISS, but not man, but only with materials.

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In June, astronauts will be aboard a “Crew Dragon” capsule, which is transported by a Falcon 9 rocket into space. The appointment had already been postponed several times.

SpaceX and Boeing are to end the all-dependence on Russia

The US space shuttle program was discontinued in 2011. Since then, US astronauts have only been able to reach the ISS with Russian Soyuz rockets. The contract with Russia expires in November 2019. Then SpaceX and Boeing are to take over.

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