The Camera of Snapchat arrives on Windows and Mac

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Snapchat launches the Snap Camera app on Windows and Mac. This allows you to use the effects of the Snapchat mobile app during video recordings with the webcam, live broadcasts or video chats.

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Unlike other services like Facebook or Skype, Snapchat was created in the mobile-first era. So, if this social network has existed for a long time, it did not offer any application for computers so far.

But today, that changes. Indeed, Snap has just launched the Snap Camera app for Windows and Mac. And if it does not allow to use all the features of the Snapchat mobile application from a computer, it allows at least to access the features of the Camera of this application (filters and features in augmented reality) .

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Snapchat effects on computer

The idea is that if you make a live on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch, or if you talk to someone about a video chat service, you can brighten the image of your webcam with the effects that Snapchat already offers on its mobile application.

To begin, you have to download the Snap Camera application on the computer, to make the webcam output of the machine. “Snap Camera syncs with the camera connected to your computer and works with some of your favorite video sharing platforms and applications,” Snapchat writes.

The app allows you to use the effects of Snapchat “when recording Youtube videos, or even streaming with apps such as Skype, Google Hangouts and OBS.” On the other hand, the company has been working on a special integration with Twitch.

You can choose from thousands of effects, including those created by the community through the Lens Studio tool.

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