The Fortnite phenomenon is shaking up the video game industry

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With its success with 150 million players, Epic Games has already generated over a billion dollars in revenue. Its competitors Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts are organizing the riposte.

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The many fans will rush in and video game professionals will watch carefully. The stand dedicated to the world of Fortnite is needed in the aisles of Paris Game Week. In the same way that this online shooter has landed at the top of market research and schoolyard discussions, it ranks apart from the competition at the trade fair of the leisure software publishers until to Tuesday in the capital.

In just over a year, the game developed by the American Epic Game has already generated $ 1.2 billion in revenue, according to estimates by the firm SuperData. Prime feat, CEO Tim Sweeney and his teams – who are fleeing journalists – have convinced 150 million people of all ages to play in a relatively violent “Battle Royale” scenario – killing to be the last survivor in a limited time . Unlike the similar old-fashioned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) game , Fortnite is available on consoles, PCs and smartphones. Second success, more than half of the players would have bought virtual accessories on his online store to customize their avatars.

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Call Of Duty In “Battle Royale” Mode

On busy days, the peak of Fortnite-related Internet traffic is five times larger than that recorded in Donald Trump’s inaugural speech, a report by Akamai, a bandwidth specialist, reports. Faced with such a phenomenon, the competitors of Epic Games could not remain indifferent.

Launched last October 12th, the last Call Of Duty Black Ops IV is stopping the solo mode and introduces for the first time in the history of this franchise of Activision Blizzard a mode called “Blackout”, close to the rules of the “Battle Royale”. “We are lucky that the ‘Battle Royale’ is very popular today but our developers have been working on it for three years, defends Frédérique de Faudomière, director of Activision in France, we bring to the public what he wants . ”

This time, Activision Blizzard released its game three weeks earlier than it was three years ago, to give itself time to defend its title before Christmas. “The first sales figures are in line with our goal to do as well as or better than the Call of Duty Black Ops III opus,” says Frédérique de Faudomière without further details, as if to remove the specter of a hegemonic Fortnite that would have dried up his market.

Same cause, same effects on the side of Electronic Arts and his game Battlefield V, waited for November 20, who promised the opening of a mode “Battle Royale” in March 2019.

Fortnite pulls the area

Beyond the shooter, the craze for Fortnite brings good news. The fortune of Epic Games has led this publisher who is also at the origin of the Unreal development engine to reduce by 30 to 12% the commission he charged from his online marketplace. Equally ambitious in e-sports, Epic Games has decided to spend $ 100 million this year for rewards after competitions on Fortnite. A record!

In addition, the players made addicted to Fortnite are equipped with many new equipment. The salesman specialized Turtle Beach headphones rub their hands. For its part, Microsoft welcomed the recent presentation of its quarterly results of the 36% increase in revenue from the sale of software and Xbox services. For Financial Director Amy Hood, “half is tied to Fortnite”.

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