Facebook confirmed: Whatsapp will get advertising from 2019

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Facebook have confirmed that Whatsapp will get advertising from november 2019.

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger. Millions of people use the service every day and chat with friends and acquaintances. The messenger app is constantly being developed further: 2019 will be advertising. In the WhatsApp ticker of FOCUS Online you will not miss any important news about updates and rumors.

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Facebook confirmed: Whatsapp gets advertising from 2019


Wednesday, October 31, 5:24 pm: Now it’s official. WhatsApp users will have to expect to advertise in the future – in the WhatsApp status. The confirmed now Facebook Vice Chris Daniels on Wednesday. The fact that the company is now only resorting to advertising has a reason: About five years ago, Facebook bought the messenger WhatsApp. The contract stipulated that whatsapp should not start earning money. The deadline is now running out. “It gives us a chance to monetize the service and give companies the opportunity to advertise on the Whatsapp channel,” Evans told The Hindustan Times. In 2019 advertising will already be switched.

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