From zero to twenty in a million blocks

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  • At up to 463 km / h, the Bugatti Chiron is the fastest and most luxurious sports car ever built in series.
  • The toy manufacturer Lego has now recreated it realistically from more than one million Lego-Technic parts.
  • In contrast to the original, however, the copy reaches its limits already at 20 km / h.

The music for the clip, recently uploaded to Youtube, is of that testosterone-laden, suggestively tense style that Hollywood likes. For example, when it comes to the showdown. If there is only one left. Like now, where from the haze over a sea of asphalt and under a horizon of petrol-fueled expectation of the bolide is recognizable. A camera circles the vehicle as awesomely as approaching a sculpture. Men in dark overalls check the velocifical dream one last time. The engine is being checked. Then the cockpit.

This is where test pilot Andy Wallace heaves himself. As befits – with the butt ahead. Sports car drives and steers (and does not understand) with the feet, the arms or the brain. But with the butt. And this one, the Bugatti Chiron, is the super sports car. Wallace, Briton, racer, Le Mans winner and Bugatti test pilot, check the fit of his helmet. Finished. Soon a roaring Wrrrrooooaaaaar will be heard. And then you think you’ve just been blown over by the warp drive in Star Trek.

For the disciples of speed, insanity, and frenzy, as well as for the friends of engineering and engine construction culture, this is the only one to be said: The double V engine with two VR8 cylinder banks brings 1500 hp to the road. The Chiron, named after the Monegasque racing driver Louis Chiron, needs only 41.96 seconds. However, from zero to 400 and again to a standstill. It’s about two and a half seconds from zero to a hundred things. The Bugatti Chiron is the fastest and most luxurious sports car ever built in series. The series was initially limited to five hundred copies, so that Hinz and Kunz do not begin to save on the approximately two and a half million euros, which costs the car. Without extras and taxes, of course.

The maximum speed is also regulated. Serial to 380 km / h. Where you can accelerate with an extra car key, the “Speed Key”, even to 420 and mathematically even to 463 km / h, which is why the speedometer in Chiron also extends to the number 500. That is extremely wonderful. Guys, do not put your Porsche or Lambo keys on the counter. Against Bugatti’s Speed Key, your macho gestures shrink to Twingo size.

The Lego race car teaches turtle dandies to fear
For this reason, the clip mentioned above was already clicked a hundred thousand times. He comes from Lego and shows a Bugatti Chiron, which was faithfully recreated on a scale of one to one from more than one million Lego-Technic parts. As unrealistic as it sounds, it seems more real than the purchase of a real Chiron. However, it is perhaps the even more genuine Andy Wallace, now 57-year-old Bugatti expert, who controls the Lego replica. Which is pretty funny, because Wallace sits in the cockpit, fiddles with the visor and then brings the life-size, guaranteed adhesive-less, so according to the philosophy of the Danish tile manufacturer “pinned” and “pimped” Lego-Bugatti at its borders. Transmission Gears.  Well, all in all, they are rounded upwards. it is a cough, 20 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, the rear-view mirror wobbles in an almost questionable way. Wallace looks resolutely at the seemingly endless race track. Any obstacles he would discover at this rate hours, even days to weeks and months before the collision.

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