Google Doodle for Halloween 2018 is the first time a multiplayer game

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Google has come up with a special doodle for Halloween 2018, it is the first time a multiplayer game that is played through the Google Cloud.


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On Google today celebrates Halloween 2018 and there is always a new Doodle. Knowing so, is already a tradition. Today it is the first time a game that you can play with several players. We know games from the Google Doodles, a multiplayer game but not yet.

For today’s Google Doodle for Halloween 2018 you come as usual on the normal homepage of Google . Just click on the doodle and it starts. In this case: After clicking on the Halloween Doodle, a link will be created, which you can share with 7 other people.

Google Doodle on Halloween 2018 in the Cloud

The multiplayer game for Halloween 2018 is realized via the Google Cloud, the company has also announced it in its own blog entry . There’s also a page for Halloween 2018 , it explains the game, it gives details about the Google team, you can see which countries are all seeing the doodle today, and finally, there’s a look at older doodles at the end that day on Google’s homepage.

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