HTC denies rumors about refusal to issue flagships and promises to take a course on 5G, AI and blockchain

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On the last week in the media , there were rumors about the fact that HTC has decided to change strategy, abandoning the issue of the flagship models and focusing on devices, the middle segment. And here came the official comment of representatives of HTC.

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Flagship to be!

The HTC denied the report and said that, and intend to continue to produce the flagship. Thus, the HTC U13 or another successor to the HTC U12 + will still be. When exactly – the company does not specify, but, most likely, it will be next year: HTC is unlikely to remain in 2019 without a flagship.

But the fate of state employees with a Snapdragon 435 processor and Android 8.1 OS Oreo, which has already appeared in the database of the Wi-Fi Alliance website and has passed Bluetooth certification, remains unknown.

What are the plans

The HTC are going to focus on the 5G and techniques of artificial intelligence and more to produce blokcheyn smartphones . In addition, the company will continue to engage in virtual reality and applications for it.

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