Improve your Google searches with these tricks

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Many times even the most powerful search engine on the internet, Google, has the answer to people’s questions

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Google is undoubtedly the most powerful search engine in the world, and it is to whom we turn when we want to know or find something. However, an immense majority is still not entirely clear how to do the searches properly, and with some simple tricks and / or recommendations the result will be much better.

According to the website La Semana, these are the 7 most important tricks to be an expert when making “searches” on Google

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1-Use quotation marks

If you want to find a completely specific piece of information, for example, the quotation from a book or a newspaper article mark the phrase in double quotes (“The last book by Gabriel Rolón”). In this way, the search engine is forced to search for pages that accurately contain the words you are looking for:

2-Personalize your account

For the results to be more in line with your browsing habits, log in to Google. For this you will need to have an account either in Gmail, Google +, or YouTube. When you indicate your email account will make more personalized searches about your likes and pages that you usually visit.

3-Do not discard the following pages of the search engine

When a search is too specific or complex the first pages of results find the greatest number of matches with the words you put, but on the following pages there are also related pages that may have the information you are looking for

4-Use the ‘I feel lucky’ button:

Next to the search, few notice that the button ‘I feel lucky’ is there. This command is to take directly to the first page that matches your search. An example: if you type ‘Easy Digital’ and press ‘I feel lucky’ you will not see results, it will directly take you to the site, which can save you time

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5-Configure the search engine for your country of origin

Help Google: if you leave the country and need to know about restaurants or tourist sites you have to tell the search engine where you are. In this way, the results per word will be geolocated and you will have many more possibilities of finding the ones you are looking for

6-Handle familiar words

This trick few know: the simpler the words you type in the search box, the more result options you can find. As much as the search is for a complex topic, for example technological terms, look for question type sentences with familiar words to have more coincidences:

7-Do all kinds of mathematical operations

Google not only helps search by words, it also collaborates with other functions that are somewhat more expensive. If for work reasons you have to do some mathematical operation quickly you just have to type it in the search box and the result will automatically come out.

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