Intel will work on the development of discrete graphics and a half thousand specialists

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Intel is actively preparing to enter the market for discrete graphics cards. The main work in this direction will be in the Indian city of Hyderabad, where the new development center is located. Apparently, the reason for choosing the place was the low cost compared to Silicon Valley.

Over 1,500 employees will be working there to develop new graphic solutions. The project manager will be Raja Koduri. It is assumed that it is there that they are going to develop a new video architecture Arctic Sound, which is also known as Gen 12. Video cards based on it should appear in 2020. They are positioned as solutions for gaming and professional tasks.

So far, the “blue giant” is very stingy with details, but the emergence of a new player in the graphics market will inevitably spur him on. This will allow users to choose from a larger number of options, and manufacturers will force them to lower prices or otherwise interest buyers.

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