Keyboard and mouse support added on Xbox One

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Today there was a firmware update for the Microsoft Xbox One console , which added support for keyboards and mice and something else. Now game developers can add to their projects the ability to work with this periphery.


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The first games with support for not only the gamepad were Fortnite and Warframe . Support for Bomber Crew , Deep Rock Galactic , Strange Brigade , Vermintide 2 , War Thunder and X-Morph Defense is promised in November . And Children of Morta , DayZ , Minion Master , Moonlighter , Vigor , Warface and Wargroove will receive it later.


In this case, the game is suitable not only peripherals Razer . The company Corsair announced that suit, too, and has officially supported its keyboard and mouse. These are wired and wireless options. Although all solutions with a USB connection are probably suitable, except perhaps requiring too specific drivers.


Other firmware innovations include Amazon Music support , improved search and more.

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