OnePlus hinted at a new, more expensive, line of smartphones

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Next year, OnePlus plans to launch a new line of smartphones, not directly related to the existing one. This is reported by the Spanish version of CNET, citing official representatives of the manufacturer, who agreed to disclose some of the details. The first representative of the model range, as promised, will be one of the first 5G smartphones in the world and the first device in the OnePlus assortment with support for this technology.


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Despite the fact that OnePlus representatives did not conform to CNET journalists, their intention to start developing a new line of smartphones directly, according to them, the debut smartphone of the company with 5G will not be OnePlus 7, whose release is due to take place early next year.


New OnePlus smartphone

The possible intention of OnePlus to release a smartphone belonging to the new model range is quite obvious. Support for networks of the fifth generation will require the manufacturer a hefty cost not only for the modem itself, which is very expensive, but also for adapting the internal components of the smartphone to high heat transfer 5G equipment and its high power consumption. In this case, the manufacturer will be able to afford not to save on the components of the novelty, by assigning to it a higher price than on the OnePlus 6T.

In addition to technological innovations such as support for networks of the fifth generation and the most innovative processor Snapdragon 8150, the future smartphone OnePlus will appear in a completely different guise, representatives of the company said. The novelty will not look like the flagship device of the current generation, probably offering consumers a truly advanced design with a display without frames and without a notch for the front camera.

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