The LCD screen of the iPhone XR gives it a better autonomy than the iPhone XS

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A difference from the screens used that vary the autonomy of both smartphones.

It was last September that the iPhone XS was marketed while the iPhone XR arrived a month later. A much more affordable smartphone – according to Apple’s criteria – with a slightly less powerful data sheet. But here it is: only Geoffrey Fowler, a Washington Post reporter, tested the autonomy of both smartphones and made a very interesting finding. It seems that the iPhone XR is much longer thanks to … its LCD. The iPhone XS uses an OLED panel, technology adopted with the iPhone X.

An iPhone XR with three hours of additional battery life

It was after comparing the autonomy of two devices from Apple, released a month apart, that the Washington Post reporter simply decided to contact several tech editorial to get their opinion on this result. Geoffrey Fowler concluded that the iPhone XS had lower endurance because of the OLED room which consumes a lot of energy compared to an LCD screen.

We can easily imagine that OLED technology is not the specialty of Apple, unlike its competitor Samsung, find a perfect balance is not yet acquired for the firm. Still, despite its greater autonomy, the iPhone XR is less powerful than an iPhone XS either in terms of data sheet or features – no dual sensor. But thanks to its attractive price and its big autonomy, the first city could take advantage of the second, especially during the Christmas holidays!

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