What are Active Electronic Components?

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Active electronic components are those that can control the flow of electricity. Most electronic printed circuit boards have at least one active ingredient. Some examples of active electronic components are transistors, vacuum tubes, silicon rectifiers (thyristors).

Passive electronic components are those that do not have the ability to control current using another electrical signal. Examples of passive electronic components, capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, and diodes.

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What is a diode?

The diode is a one-way valve for the production of electricity. Diodes allow the flow of electricity in one direction. Most diodes have a colored line at one end, indicating the direction of flow. The negative side is usually white.

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What is an integrated circuit (IC)?

Integrated circuits are a package of several complex circuits. Chips are available in a wide variety of packages and sizes. Their uses are as varied as their packages.


What are transistors?

The transistor is a semiconductor device. It is the main building block of the circuit in mobile phones, computers, and several other electronic devices. The transistor has a very fast response and is used in a number of functions, including voltage regulation, amplification, switching, signal modulation and oscillators. Transistors can be packaged separately, or they can be part of an integrated circuit. Some chips have a billion transistors in a very small area.


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