New Xbox will not be an FPS monster, but a gigantic cloud demo

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xbox cloud

Microsoft will probably bring a platform on the market with the upcoming Xbox generation , with which at least the competitor Sony can barely keep up. Economically, the competition with this but anyway not crucial – this is about much bigger things, is the Microsoft observer Brad Sam for sure.
In a recent video , this reference to a previous post, which was predicted that at least the “big” Xbox could provide frame rates of up to 240 fps. Sams dismissed that, however, as rather overdone. Because here you would make for a not necessarily needed feature only the hardware very expensive. And Microsoft is in the development of something else anyway, as to drive such a narrow technical aspect to maximum heights.

Rather, one can assume that the upcoming Xbox both in the streaming as well as in the standalone version will have an architecture that is more reminiscent of a platform for enterprise applications. Sam expects that the game console for Microsoft is more of a powerful demonstration of what the Redmond Group can do with its cloud infrastructure .

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Fitted in the overall concept

That would be a consistent development, because the cloud is now the core of economic development in all areas of the company. Since it would be logical, even if the Xbox platform embeds itself in this great strategy. “The important thing is that Microsoft will explore ways to make console gaming a business-leading business,” said Sam.

The Xbox should thus generally make it clear which powerful calculations Microsoft can provide via its data centers each directly to the user. Here, in particular, Sony should then get clear problems, as the group simply not rudimentary on a similarly powerful infrastructure.

In the end, however, that does not mean, in Sam’s opinion, that local hardware will not matter at all. It is also quite likely that Microsoft will provide AMD with some high-end technologies here – because ultimately you have to remain synonymous on the data sheets with the competitor on a level. Only the decisive role will not play the chips and the trappings anymore.

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