What is the importance of good nutrition?

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What is the importance of good nutrition?

We eat to stay alive. But we eat also because we like it. And we like to eat well. It is important that we have a good balance find what we need and what we like it. Food is needed to us body to do the work. All of us food is converted into the body substances that go with the blood to the organs (for example, heart, liver, kidneys) brought.

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If you eat a lot, you can become fat. If you have a lot wrong eat fats, that’s bad for your heart and blood vessels. A lot of salt in the food can for high blood pressure to care. So there is a connection between what you eat and the risk of cardiovascular disease. In this article explained how healthy food can help to properly to take care of your heart and blood vessels. Good blood pressure and healthy cholesterol levels are important for your heart and blood vessels. If you eat healthily, then the cholesterol level in your blood at a good level.

Eating healthy is also important to keep a healthy weight. By healthy diet is less likely to have high blood pressure. Slim is not the same as healthy; also slim people may have unhealthy eating habits. That’s why they may also be at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Risk factors

What is cholesterol?

Your blood contains fat-like substances like cholesterol. This cholesterol is caused by the liver made. If you eat, you also get cholesterol in your blood. A little bit of cholesterol has your body necessary, but a lot of cholesterol is bad for you. Wrong fat in the diet increases cholesterol. If it cholesterol in your blood is high, it can be on the inside your blood vessels get stuck.

This greasy layer is becoming thicker. The blood vessel then becomes narrower on the inside. The blood can be there increasingly less well-flowing. This increases the chance of cardiovascular diseases.

Blood pressure

It is important to keep the blood pressure healthy. Then your heart and blood vessels will continue to work well. Which means moving a lot and using little salt your food. A healthy weight is also important your blood pressure. If you are fat and you fall off, then the lower blood pressure. So try to get a healthy weight get and keep.

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